There are many ways to pay tribute or to gift me for my time, service and expertise. Please note that if you ever buy me something to wear and keep, I only wear black. All day, everyday. Do not send me anything to wear that is for me to keep that isn't black. Here is a list of places I like to shop. Gift cards are welcome.

Tribute can also be sent to the following:

Venmo @VidianVixen

Cash App $vidianvixen

Pay for my pedicures!

I get a pedicure every two weeks and I love it when a sub treats me to my pedicures. 

Venmo or Cashapp me $50 and leave a note referencing the pedicure to ensure that I know the moneys intention. In turn, I will send you photos and videos of my feet during and after the pedicure. 



My tribute details are outlined extensively on the “session” tab.  Keep in mind that I am a luxury item.  If you are looking for a cheap, uneducated porn star with a whip from Amazon who knows nothing about true domination; then there are plenty of them out there if you search hard enough. But is not me. You will tribute and you will tribute well. I also require a deposit to reserve your time with me. This is not negotiable. 

Want to say in my good favor? Bring a gift as well as your tribute to your sessions.

These are a few of my favorite things

-Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks gift cards, a minimum of $20. 

Send E-gift cards to my email address.

-Paddles and flogs, actually any kind of BDSM gear. 

-Wine: Mascato, sweet white and sweet red wines. Especially a 

Maryland made wine called “Gollywobbler.”

-Sephora gift cards, a minimum of $50

-Spa gift cards for the Annapolis area, a minimum of $50

-Foot pampering items.

- Flowers. Especially red flowers

-Shopping sprees. Yes, you can take me shopping! I’m especially interested

in shoes and undergarments. (No I will not try them on for you to see)

-Anything Game of Thrones.

-Black hoodies.

-Gift cards to PetSmart. I have some beautiful animals and love to 

pamper them as well. A minimum of $20

-Luxury bedding. Anything purchased for me should be in the color black.