Club Domina

Where Dominance, CFNM reigns. Our exclusive Club is For couples only and we meet the 1st Saturday of each month. The purpose of our Club is to support couples in the lifestyle, encourage the exploration of their B/d S/m desires, kinks, and teach proper technique.

Our Club is a start up organization founded, August of 2020 By MzFawn. We only allow Females to be in charge and do not support switching or role reversal. Women are always superior and dominant at all times.

For more information about Club Domina and our events visit:

Club Domina

Club Domina Events

All official Club Domina events are held at Nightshade our 1500 square foot dungeon located in Columbia, MD.

The address will be disclosed to those who have approved RSVP's

Our first gathering with be December 5th, 2020 featuring Vidian’s technique of Caning! Vidian is a skilled Domina with uniques techniques. She’s a sadist, but with safety and compassion!You won’t want to miss this as she will show you how she's perfected this craft to deliver a proper caning for your submissive male. This is epic! This will be Club Domina’s first party ever, and our Christmas celebration. We will have a drawing so everyone please bring a gift to share. Also for our festive table, please have your Submissive male bring a dish. We want to have a wonderful array and display of epicurean delights made by our submissive men!

RSVP by emailing us at [email protected]

And remember to send your letter of introduction!!! Without it - you will not be permitted to join any Club Domina events.