About Me


First and foremost - I am all TOP all the time. Please do not contact me asking if I am willing to switch, the answer is a hard NO. I sub for no one. Now that, that's out of the way; I’m a true sadist and I entered the BDSM community in 2010 when I met my mentor MzFawn at a dungeon party in Rockville, MD.  She saw something in me and offered to take me on as a mentee. I spent 2 years sharing time, sessions and space with MzFawn. I learned so much from her about being a dominatrix and the trust that our subs offer us.  Being a Professional Dominatrix is so much more than paddles and butt plugs; it's remembering to be safe, sane and consensual at all times and that the sub is often the one really "in control." A true Professional Dominatrix needs to make sure their subs are heard and understood before, during and after a session. In the words of my mentor "When you enter, you enter understanding that I may hurt you, but will never harm you. I may manipulate you, but never scar you. I may take you on a journey, but you will always land on your feet."

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Over the last 10 years most of my interactions with BDSM have limited to professional relationships. I prefer corporal punishment and extreme impact play during my sessions. If you're looking for a soft sensual mistress, I'm not the one for you. My sessions will likely include impact play - if you email me saying you don’t want impact play; well then I probably won’t want to session with you. I enjoy total domination, humiliation, denial and of course pure punishment. I always preform aftercare and expect the same in return. Being a Domina has come naturally to me. I am an admitted control freak and I prefer to make all the decisions no matter where I am. However, I am also be a good listener which is very important when it comes to hearing what my potential clients are looking for. I like to be praised and spoiled. I expect gifts and tribute for my time, energy and expertise.





 I am not looking to collar or own anyone at this time. 


In person sessions: Sessions can be booked for 90 minutes up to a full weekend. 

 Tribute depends on the time and session in mind. Visit my “session/tribute” page for more details. 

I also offer video sessions which can include, but are not limited to the following: masturbation domination, overall domination, stretching, CBT, edging, denial, forced fem, domme training & sub training and so much more.

Training sessions for couples: It excites me to meet and train women who love to explore and express their dominate side on their partner. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, visit my “sessions” page. 

Mentoring the next generation of professional dominatrix’s. If you are an up and coming dominatrix who’s looking to go pro - send me an email. I do not accept everyone who emails me about mentorship since I have a responsibility to the community of professional dominatrix’s not to let just anyone in our “circle.”

Foot worship sessions, photos & video sessions. Panties and socks can be purchased from me - just email me so that we can talk further.

Age: 36

Sexuality: Pan-sexual

Tattoos: A lot

Jean size: 14

Bust : 38 I

Panty size L or 7/8

Shoe size: 8

Ass: You could eat off of 

I do not, have not, never will.. provide escort services or a girlfriend/wife service. I offer zero nudity in sessions, 

no nude photos, video's or sessions. If you want to see T&A - Google it!

I am a Professional Dominatrix which is in no way aligned with any sort of prostitution.

Social media sites:

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Instagram @_vidiansfeet_

Hangouts @ mrsvidianvixen

Email: [email protected]

Skype @ [email protected]

KIK @ Vidian_V

My dungeons are very conveniently located in Columbia Md & Kent Island, MD 

An easy drive from:

Baltimore, Washington DC, Annapolis, Eastern Shore and areas of Pennsylvania and Delaware 

Do not spam me with inappropriate emails,  photos, text or requests. It will just get you blocked. 

Lastly, Romance and casual play is NOT why I'm here or what I offer, so bear in mind that I'm not looking for a significant other, casual play partners, or to be taken out on a date.  As flattering as such attention might be, my interactions within the BDSM community are limited to professional dominatrix sessions with submissives. I am married. My partner is aware, very supportive and understanding of my role in this community.

Foot Play

-Soles dirty/clean

-Toes painted/non

-Tickle lightly

-Oily baby oil/lotion

-Nylons neon/neutrals

-BDSM toe cuffs/caning/hot wax 



-Shoe dangle

-Crushing food/figurines/pillows/balloons..etc